SICHUAN SANZHOU SCMP NUCLEAR EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURE INCORPORATION (abbr. SNEM)is located at the important industrial town-Qing baijiang District. It is a large and backbone enterprise which serves in the fields of nuclear power, military and petrochemical industry, etc. Its main products include nuclear power unit primary pipe, stainless steel piping with large diameter and heavy wall thickness(such as centrifugally and static casting, forging and rolling, etc.),castings, pipe fittings(such as elbows, tees and reducers, etc.),nuclear pressure vessel, heat exchanger and nuclear forgings, etc.
SNEM is an early company who obtained quality system certification. It owns following certificates:ISO9001,Quality System Certification of 2000 and National military Standard Certificate; ¡°Certificate for the Manufacture and Prefabrication of Civil Nuclear Pressure-containing Equipment(including complete set of primary pipe, nuclear class 2 heat exchanger, nuclear class3 pressure vessel and nuclear forgings)¡±,which is issued by National Nuclear Safety Administration(NNSA).It is the only one in China who has the manufacture Certificate and achievements(including casting, forging, machining and prefabrication).SNEM has complete used for production and inspection. Its quality system can reach the international level. Now, SNEM is a qualified supplier for nuclear power station and experimental reactor in China. In China, SNEM is the first company who manufactured the complete set of primary pipe for 1000Mwe nuclear power unit, it is also one of the backbone enterprises of Project ¡°1+8¡±for heavy equipment in Sichuan Province. ¡°Technology of the manufacture of primary pipe loop 1for 1000Mwe PWR nuclear power station¡± was successively awarded the Excellent Technology Production Prize at ¡°Nine Five Plan¡± issued four ministries of China and the Science & Technology improvement Prize by Sichuan Province. It was obtained the second Prize of National Science & Technology Improvement in 2005.It was entered into the best 30 enterprises for the manufacture of special equipment in Sichuan Province in 2006.SNEM always keeps close relation with AREVA(former FRAMMATOME),China Nuclear Power Research & Design Institute (NPIC), Shanghai Nuclear Industry Research Institute(SNERDI), Qinghua University and China Zhongyuan Engineering Company (CZEC), etc. Meanwhile, SNEM employs foreign experts as our technical assistance.
In 2000,SNEM delivered some 1,000Mwe PWR nuclear power station primary pipe to Lingao Nuclear Power Station on site, which is used for Lingao Phase I unit 2. In recent years, SNEM has provided a great quantity of primary pipe, auxiliary pipingsystem, separate heat exchanger, air heat exchanger and main heat exchanger, etc. for high temperature air cooling reactor of Qinghua University, fast neutron reactor of Beijing Atomic Energy Research Institute, NP reactor and the Military, devices etc. All these products are accepted and obtained good reputation by the clients and military party. At present, SNEM is manufacturing all the primary pipe for Lingao Nuclear Power Station Phase ll unit 3&4,Pakistani Chashma Nuclear Phase ll unit 3 primary pipe was duly delivered to Lingao Nuclear Power Station in February, 2008. In August 2008, the set of primary piping for Chshma Phase II Nulcear Power Plant made by SNEM was delivered to the site in Pakistan.
For successful manufacture of the first 1,000MWe nuclear power unit primary pipe in China, it means that real localization (from raw material to melting, casting, machining and prefabrication) of primary pipe has been realized. This not only fills up the vacancy, but also it is another landmark ( it terminates China had to import primary piping for nuclear power plant from foreign countries for a long time). For successful delivery of the Chashma Project, it means that SNEM strode over a new step in the manufacture of reactor primary piping. SNEM can manufacture reactor primary piping according to RCC-M Code (Revision 2000+2002 addendum) and ASME standard. It widens the international market for SNEM.
The products (described as following) made by SNEM were obtained good reputation in petrochemical industry: methanol synthetic tower with the output of 200,0000 &300,000 t/y, the first stage reformer of synthetic ammonia, and CO2 regenerating tower & reboiler, etc.
At present, SNEM has performed a comprehensive technical modification described as following in order to meet with the requirements for rapid development of Chinese nuclear power:
¡¤new smelting system by AOD furnace with the capacity of 25 tons;
¡¤newCo60 RT room;
¡¤new cleaning workshop;
¡¤heavy machining equipment.
Nowadays, SNEM is capable of manufacturing 4 units of primary pipe for 1, 000MWe nuclear power station annually.
SNEM always persists in the strategy that science & technology can revitalize a company. We intend to be a modem company with ¡°management type¡± and ¡°benefit type¡±. SNEM abides by the quality policy of ¡°QUALITY FIRST, SAFETY FIRST, SEEK THE EXCELLENCE AND IMPROVE CONYINUOUSLY¡± and pursues the company¡¯s spirit of ¡°HONESTY, RESPONSIBILITY AND STRUGGLE¡±. We sincerely provide the excellent products and the first class service to numerous customers.